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KVS 6.1.0 admin changes preview

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Dear all, after receiving some negative feedback about our new admin panel from our old customers, we decided to run one more FINAL review and make sure that all the reported issues are resolved. Please note that we will unlikely return to this topic anytime soon and will consider it finalized for now.

You can access the updated admin panel GUI here using demo / demo account:


This account has full permissions to modify videos, and read-only access to other sections. Also please note that any changes you do in Personal Settings will not be pushed into database, they will be only active for as long as your admin session is valid.

Before we start describing new changes, let us stress again about some functionality that was not noticed / understood by some KVS users:

1) You can switch off icons in both main and side menu in Settings -> Personal settings.

2) You can resize / reposition various popups by using mouse cursor on their sides. By default all popups are sized in some way, which may not be convenient for you. Once you resize / reposition them, this setting will be remembered for your browser. Popups in KVS are divided into multiple types, and each type has unique size / position settings, so upload popup will be different from screenshot viewer popup.

3) You can configure custom CSS in Settings -> Personal settings. This is legit and recommended way to adopt admin panel to your needs. CSS can be used not only for changing font, or menu color, you can also use it to hide specific elements that you don't need (see some more info in new changes section about this).


Summary of new changes in admin GUI

1) There were 2 additional customization options added into Personal settings:

  • Scrolling mode - will let you switch to old KVS scrolling, when there were no fixed header and footer and the whole page was scrollable.
  • Open editors - will let you switch to 2 new modes of editors display: in popups within the same page, and in new tabs. These both new ways will not render header and side menu, so they can be useful for smaller displays.


2) Notification emailing - this cannot be enabled on demo site, but you can see feedback notification checkbox at the bottom of personal settings as well as email field. In reality there will be some more notification types that are only available to administrative users:


3) Bigger size for grid search control:



4) Added Apply button to filter lines as it was in previous version of admin panel:



5) Popups can now be closed using both Esc and Ctrl + X:



6) Advanced selector controls now allow pressing down with nothing typed to show all available items:



7) Added links to download and open in new window for popups where applicable:



8) Returned default focus to the first field in editors:



9) Some changes were made to add unique data-field-name attribute to all editors and their field lines in addition to unique data-editor-name attribute that was given to all editors before. This can be useful in conjunction with custom CSS, which will allow you hide specific fields in specific editors, if they are not necessary and you want to free some space.

For example you can use this CSS code to hide video description:

[data-editor-name="video_edit"] [data-field-name="description"] {
	display: none;

Or you can use similar code to hide top block in video screenshots editor:

[data-editor-name="video_screenshots"] [data-field-name="group_id"],
[data-editor-name="video_screenshots"] [data-field-name="replace_screenshots"],
[data-editor-name="video_screenshots"] [data-field-name="manual_grabbing"],
[data-editor-name="video_screenshots"] [data-field-name="source_zip_file"] {
	display: none;



10) Another question that was asked several times is how to make all filters being displayed all the time like that was in pre-6 KVS, this can be done by using the following CSS:

.dg_wrapper.filtered .dgf_advanced {
	position: relative;
	margin-top: 0 !important;
	visibility: visible;
	transition: none;

.dg_wrapper.filtered .dgf_advanced .dgf_advanced_filters .dgf_filter {
	width: auto;



11) Still have night mode in plans, to make everything dark. Will finish that later.

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On 4/29/2023 at 7:33 AM, Adulty Webmaster said:

Perhaps a suggestion of backing up videos/albums to cloud services via rclone methods?

We are planning to add support for S3 protocol soon. Then it will be possible to backup content to any S3 compatible cloud using existing KVS functionality.

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