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Hi guys,

I  want to know what options do i have so i can add a Download video button on the video player.

I am using Hosted file option for videos similar to this


except that i won't be offering multiple files, just the same hosted file that has been used as video source, but to be available only for logged in users ( free or premium it is not important

as that option is offered by the ultimate template so that part of the problem is fixed)

Basically only users that have an account will be able to see the download link once they are logged in, for the rest of them they will just see the

video thumbnail with the Join button ( unlock video button)

Important to mention that i am not using a CDN/KVS setup. I am using the *Hosted file option when uploading videos with csv import option.

Also a "download Video link or button inside the video player could be a good option with condition that also can't be used except for users that are registered, so either of these two options would be great.

Thank you

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The problem with hosted files is that you won't be able to trigger their download. In order browser to display download window, you will need webserver to send attachment HTTP header when serving the video file. This is typically not possible with hotlinked files (unless you hotlink files from other KVS project, in this case this would be possible).

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