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Speeding up the execution of background tasks


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Is there way to speed up execution of background tasks, say there is not much traffic and almost all the resource are idle, then I think it would be nice if we can clear the pending tasks and keeping the queue clean. I know we can increase priority of certain tasks but I am looking for way to speed up processing of all pending tasks. Is there any settings where we can decide how much tasks to be processed at once ?


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Main tasks queue is executed in 1 thread. If the listed video deletion tasks are not executed, then this means that some other tasks are executed. If video deletion tasks are executed slowly, this is most likely due to the need to update summary numbers in tags / categories for the deleted videos, which may take long time in big databases.

For now we don't have any fix for it, but keep this in mind with the future nextgen development.

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Totally understandable, however, is there any way to do something like sponsored feature ie. if some webmasters those are willing to pay some premium to expedite certain feature development. That way for certain fee, a feature may get added sooner than other and will also help community as well as your software. 

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