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AdultHTML: Dedicated Backend Developer Services


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Looking for a highly qualified back-end developer? Did you know that hiring a dedicated expert is cost-saving compared to hiring an in-house specialist? It’s just one of the many advantages that you can get with AdultHTML. Trust your product to a team with 12+ years experience building projects worldwide. As a global IT partner we develop web solutions for webmasters, big companies and startups. AdultHTML knows how to help enterprises aspiring to be №1 in their industries through the power of modern technologies.

Do you need some evidence? Just have a look at our portfolio. We have proved our ability to deliver high quality projects on time and budget working with such companies/projects as Kernel Video Sharing, TubeProfit, ThePornDude, PornHat, PinPorn and many others. AdultHTML employs more than 20 experts in web-design and frontend / backend development. If you consider an extension of your team by hiring a dedicated developer, count on us! AdultHTML will assign a specialist with the right qualification to work exclusively on your project, so it could thrive eventually!

It is commonly known that many businesses find it very challenging to hire a dedicated backend developer. But that’s not the case if you decide to collaborate with our design & coding company.

With AdultHTML it will be a piece of cake!

Dedicated developer: what kind of service is it?

Speaking of hiring a dedicated back-end developer we mean a chance to collaborate with a web development expert who’s ready to work full-time just for one client, just for you! This model is effective and transparent. No doubt it is the best choice for both growing startups and well-established companies.

How to hire a dedicated developer with AdultHTML? It’s easy:

  • Define the requirements.
  • Tell us all about your project.
  • AdultHTML chooses a perfect match for your case.
  • Together we make arrangements about the project management/communication expectations.
  • The process of development is up and running.

Mind that our expert uses the perfect tech stack. That is particularly PHP, Laravel, KVS, MechBunny, WordPress. We are able to work on your current projects or even create a new custom one. One month of collaborating with the highly skilled back-end developer costs 1800$ approximately. Mind that our clients can always have an open conversation with the PM to have a better understanding of pricing for different projects. A cost always depends upon the detailed requirements of the developing product.

Advantages of this solution from AdultHTML:

  • it saves you time and energy;
  • it improves the quality of your product;
  • the process of making adjustments is easier.

This service is suitable for those who:

  1. Wants to become free of any unnecessary expenses and financial responsibilities. You need to make just one payment. The services of a dedicated developer cost $3300 per month, but we can divide this sum into 2 payments if needed.
  2. Would like to hire an expert without conducting countless interviews.
  3. Is not interested in being responsible for all the administrative functions regarding the developer's work but at the same time wants to have full insight in all daily operations.
  4. Collaborating with AdultHTML, you get an opportunity to hold the communication with a dedicated developer through a digital channel. Mind it doesn’t mean you can’t have a valuable addition, an interaction with a great Project Manager. Our PM is ready to improve the managing process and communication.
  5. Has a project, where requirements can be changed, where the market is not well explored or is yet to be determined. We talk about both long-term projects and early-stage startups.
  6. Requires from a developer a 100% focus on the specific task or project. Be sure that the hired dedicated expert will respond to any changes as fast as possible.

Why choose AdultHTML specifically?
While working with our company, hiring our most experienced back-end developer, a customer can be sure about the following things:

  • A client provides tasks, an expert does the rest.
  • A specialist works on his project for 8 hours per day in one working month.
  • The communication between a developer and a client is direct, which means it is fast, clear and effective.
  • There’s no need to "wait in line". All tasks will be done perfectly on time!

Our company has enough experience collaborating with businesses worldwide. So, you are welcome!

There is no doubt that it is possible to hire a back-end developer in short terms and get all the advantages from this decision at the end of the day. Do you still need confirmation of the success of this model? Please feel free to check our cases. And when you are ready to build your product by hiring the AdultHTML’s expert please contact us via:

Skype: adult-html
Email: adulthtml@gmail.com 
Telegram: @adulthtml
Portfolio: adult-html.com



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20 hours ago, naughtyking said:

Got my order done quickly, exactly what I needed and even more. Would recommend to anyone in use of services they provide.🔥 ❤️

Hello naughtyking, we're happy that you enjoyed our services! Thank you for the positive feedback ❤️ We're looking forward to hearing from you in the future!

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