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How to update KVS theme to a new version

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Unfortunately it is not possible to update KVS theme like you can normally update KVS.

Theme is subject to intensive customization: you modify styles and advertising (yes, advertising in KVS is part of theme as ads are displayed inside theme layout), you change texts and configure SEO. Updating theme with keeping your custom changes is not technically possible.

The only possible way is to reset theme to a new version. When we say reset, we mean that your site will start looking like it was at initial KVS installation:

  • You will lose all custom styling
  • You will lose all site advertising (except in-player advertising, as player is not part of theme)
  • You will lose all text changes, logo change
  • You will lose all SEO changes (e.g. HTML titles, descriptions, SEO texts will be reset to their default values)

So, this is only feasible if you still didn't start your site, or you didn't put much customization into it and can re-do everything quickly.

Is there any sense to update theme at all? - We would say "no", since we don't put much changes into themes. The vast majority of theme changes are cosmetic changes only. All changes that we considered to be really important (e.g. search suggestions, chunked upload), were provided with a guide on how to put them into old theme version, examples:


If you still for any reason want to reset to a new theme version, please contact support to get instructions, we do not want to print them publicly to prevent from accidentally resetting theme.

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