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How to replace http to https for embed videos in bulk?


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I have an issue regarding embed videos from other sites to mine. I used to use WordPress a long time ago on my site and like half a year ago switched to KVS. Everything went smoothly during the migration with a help of KVS team. However, there is an issue with the http in embed codes from other websites as videos I embedded many years ago did not use https. So, embed code which starts with http displays a blank spot instead of player, but when I add "s" the video can be seen and played.

How can I automate the procedure to change http to https as I have thousands of videos?

Many thanks,


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4 hours ago, Tech Support said:

This can only be done massively via direct DB update (use phpmyadmin or other MySQL client):

update ktvs_videos set embed=replace(embed, 'src="http://', 'src="https://') where load_type_id=3 and embed like '%src="http://%';


Brilliant, it worked perfectly. Thank you so much you saved a lot of time for me!

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