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  1. Maybe it just happened to me. I'm not blaming them for anything, their support was very good. I am just saying, if somebody encounters such an issue, at least they will know where to start digging P.S. Thanks for the sitemap tip, just updated mine according the tutorial
  2. Hello everybody, I just wanted to let know everybody who is planning to upgrade their default theme to ultimate-theme1. As you probably know this theme can be purchased outside the KVS but is fully integrated into the system. The upgrade is straightforward BUT you need to be aware of the robots.txt file. Please check whether it allows bots (including google) to crawl your website. I came across significant visitors drop after the theme upgrade and started to investigate. After checking some main keywords on google I found out that almost all results I used to have on google were gone and those who were there included google comments that the robots.txt file is blocking the website for crawling. So, I tested my website with the google robots.txt test tool which showed me User-agent: * Disallow: / So, what you need to do if it is your case too, is just change your robots.txt file, upload it to your server then submit your new file to google on the same tester tool page. Do not forget to submit your sitemap file as well, so google will know that there are changes. Now, I am starting to see visitors coming back, but I believe it will take some time for google to re-crawl the whole website.
  3. Hello, I have added second physical conversion server to my project and the question is can they both work in parallel? I am asking this as I have added 2 new videos at the same time and they were converting with newly added server. Please take a look at the screenshot below.
  4. Thanks for the answer. When the new update will be released?
  5. Brilliant, it worked perfectly. Thank you so much you saved a lot of time for me!
  6. Hi, I have an issue regarding embed videos from other sites to mine. I used to use WordPress a long time ago on my site and like half a year ago switched to KVS. Everything went smoothly during the migration with a help of KVS team. However, there is an issue with the http in embed codes from other websites as videos I embedded many years ago did not use https. So, embed code which starts with http displays a blank spot instead of player, but when I add "s" the video can be seen and played. How can I automate the procedure to change http to https as I have thousands of videos? Many thanks, Uldis
  7. Hi, Are there any news in regards crypto payment gateway implementation? Thanks
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