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storage server out of space and tasks queue


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When a server goes below the "allowed" minimum disk space specified on the KVS admin panel, tasks still try to push content to these servers, which causes the task to be skipped. Wouldn't it make more sense for this check to be done before attempting to push content to these servers to prevent tasks for being stuck?

The main issue here is that the tasks are stuck, and need to be repossessed manually, but when attempting to evenly distribute content across media servers through the "random" distribution, it can choose another server without enough disk space. This makes the disk space limit useless since running our of disk space will return the same result (tasks failing). It also causes a backlog of tasks queued until the issue is fixed.

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It actually checks server storage space when choosing server group. At the time KVS decides which server group to choose, there is 100% enough disk space on it.

Not sure which exact issue you mean, but this could be a bug and we may need to look into logs to see what happens and how we can fix it. Please create support ticket and specify which video is that, and let us check your logs.

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I have cleared the issue but if it happens again I will open a ticket.

The task queue backlog happens when conversion servers are trying to move files to media servers, but if they are full or cannot make a connection, it seems it get's stuck and all other tasks do not get processed.

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On 7/15/2022 at 3:09 PM, mongoose657 said:

Seems like this happens when there is one server with less storage space than other servers in the same group.

It doesn't matter how much storage space individual servers have, KVS is always looking into the space the group has, it is has the minimum space from all servers.

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