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Does CSS has influence on SEO


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We don't have SEO expertise in our team, but we think that it can influence.

Styles and advertising affect your user's behavior, e.g. what they see on your page when they come to it, how fast they can access the primary page content. If your page is overloaded with ads, or if there is some kind of design issue, when page looks broken - many users could start closing your page as soon as they open it, and Google could reduce your site's ranking due to that.

You can try to check your Google analytics and check if you see some parameters changed at the same time when your CSS were changed. Could be your site looks broken on some devices, but you didn't notice that because you are checking on other devices where the site looks OK.

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After search and trial and error I think this is the problem


Crawl allowed?
No: blocked by robots.txt
Page fetch
Failed: Blocked by robots.txt
ANyone knows why robots.txt blocking google?  I use default KVS robots.txt
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I think you need to check with SEO specialists, or ask a question on SEO forum.

Google could have noticed that your site design was changed, and it removed your site from ranking for a bit of time to calculate the new ranking (I'm just guessing here, since don't have actual knowledge).

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