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We don't have any public guide for Paypal, as we want to bundle it into KVS admin panel. Here are some details:

1) Go to Paypal admin and create hosted payment button for each of your access option (e.g. 30 days access for $19.95). Each button may be one-time purchase (e.g. subscription for 1 year, or pack of KVS tokens), or may be recurring purchase if you need this payment to be automatically repeated each period.

Please note that when setting a payment button in Paypal, you should not use multiple prices for the same button, which Paypal allows. If you want to allow user to use multiple payment options (e.g. 30 days access for $19.95, 90 days for 39.95$), please create individual payment button for each option.

After creating a payment button in Paypal admin it will present you with HTML code to insert this button to your site. Please copy the ID of this button from the given code, as you will need it for further KVS configuration. If you are not able to identify the button ID, please create support ticket for us and paste the button HTML code provided by Paypal.

2) Next Go to KVS admin panel -> Memberzone -> Billings -> Paypal. In Paypal settings add access packages as many as needed, they should be set accordingly to payment buttons you've created in Paypal: for each Paypal payment button you should add one access package in KVS admin panel.

In each access package you should specify its title, duration and rebill duration if needed for expirable access packages, or number of tokens for token access packages; and finally these 2 fields:
- External package ID: specify payment button ID that you've copied from button HTML code in Paypal.
- Payment page URL: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=XXXXXXXXXXXXX (replace XXXXXXXXXXXXX with the same payment button ID that you've copied from button HTML code in Paypal).

When all access packages are configured, you can activate Paypal billing in KVS admin panel.

3) Now return back to Paypal customer zone and follow this guide to enable IPN (Instant Payment Notification):

As a Notification URL you should used the Postback URL that you can copy in KVS admin panel in Paypal billing page (KVS admin panel -> Memberzone -> Billings -> Paypal).

4) After the billing is configured you should be able to see access packages in Signup form. If you are using KVS default theme this will not happen immediately, as you will need to switch signup form to another design, which supports payment options. In order to do this please edit /.htaccess file in your website root folder on FTP.

Search for this text: signup_signup_form_simple

And replace with this: signup_signup_form_premium

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I created the button on paypal, got his ID, so far everything was perfect.

But in the KVS panel (admin panel -> Memberzone -> Billings -> Paypal) I can't find the place where I should enter:
External package ID
Payment page URL

As you can see in the print sent earlier, these fields do not appear for me.

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Perfect, I configured it for monthly payment exactly as mentioned, so if the user doesn't cancel, he continues to charge.

But, I would like to present to the user in the panel his signature, and the upgrade option, I saw that there is a block called upgrade, but it is not called on the site and I couldn't call it, how do I do it?

Besides, in the profile you can have the option to upgrade the account, in the premium video can I change the text to insert URL for upgrade instead of a message that the user does not have permission to see the video? I tried to insert url but it didn't show in the premium video, only in the private ones it accepts html and displays the create an account screen

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Do you mean you want to allow free users to upgrade to premium? That's possible, you can render this link anywhere in header like this:

{{if $smarty.session.status_id==2}}
<a data-href="{{$lang.urls.upgrade}}" data-fancybox="ajax">Upgrade to Premium</a>

For the 2nd part, I'm not sure I get what you mean, could you please create support ticket with example on your site.

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On 6/2/2022 at 6:13 AM, Tech Support said:

on for each of your access option (e.g. 30 days access for $19.95). Each button may be one-time purchase (e.g. subscription for 1 year, or pack of KVS tokens), or m

I have a question. 
          We have several sites. In Paypal we only have 1 IPN url (step 3 of the process), so if we activate Paypal in, say 2 sites, what should we do? Have 2 paypal accounts (doesn't make much sense)?

Do we need the IPNs?

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