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KVS and WordPress integration FAQ

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KVS now has its official plugin for WordPress, and this is great for our existing customers and also for WordPress lovers, who want to get more control on their videos.

For existing KVS projects:

  • You can now use multiple WP installations to promote your content from other sites for SEO purposes. WordPress sites can play your content, and link to it; this can be fully put on auto-pilot. All you need is to install WordPress and connect KVS integration plugin to your KVS installation.
  • WordPress offers many advanced paid modules for commerce and SEO, and you may find this useful to build additions to your KVS site.

For existing and new WordPress projects:

  • KVS has much much better video content manager that original WordPress or any other WordPress plugin can provide.
  • You fully own your data and monetization. Nobody will block or delete your video for any reason.
  • WordPress is not scalable, and you can later fully switch to KVS if you need faster frontend performance.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to install KVS on the same server as my WordPress installation?

No, this is not required. Video conversion consumes much resources and would be wise to install KVS on a separate server. KVS content sync and KVS player will work remotely anyway, even if installed locally. However if you plan to grab content using KVS grabbers, it is also possible to download content without conversion, and it this case the main load would be on your download channel. So could be OK to install KVS on the same server as well.

In any way, KVS can store and serve content from local and / or remote servers, so not necessary needed to install KVS on the same server where videos will be stored. Storage servers are typically purchased based on their Network link / channel price value, while primary / conversion servers use more CPU and Memory; these are typically different kind of servers.


Which domain to use with KVS license?

KVS license is connected to a domain name. If your KVS installation will be on a separate server, then the best option is to use subdomain of your WordPress domain, for example video.domain.com. Then this subdomain will be configured on your remote server for KVS.

If your KVS installation is located on the same server with WordPress, you can still use subdomain for it, and also you can use subfolder for it, e.g. domain.com/video. In this case you should configure your KVS license to use your main domain domain.com.


Is it possible to deactivate KVS frontend and only use admin panel?

Yes, this is absolutely possible. It is possible to deactivate website in KVS settings once it is installed. Also when specifying details of your KVS license you can choose "No theme" option, and we will provide KVS build that contains no theme at all. If you later decide to install theme for KVS and start using it as a separate site, you can do it at any time.


Is it possible to use KVS player on my WordPress site without using KVS?

Unfortunately not. KVS player is a part of KVS and is not available separately. In order to use it with KVS WordPress integration plugin you need to purchase or rent KVS Ultimate license, which provide automation options.

But if the price looks high for you, you may also consider using KVS Basic license, and with it you will be still able to use all KVS player features, however with these limitations:

  • KVS Basic license doesn't allow for video multi-formats, which means you can't have videos in different qualities (e.g. 480p, 720p, and etc). Only possible to have a single video file for each video. If this is the issue for you, then you need KVS Advanced license at minimum.
  • This won't let you automate importing your videos from KVS to WordPress. You will have to manually create posts with specifying embed codes from KVS. However may not be an issue, if you post only few videos and add them manually.
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