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Showing URL in browser for pagination


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Currently I am on the default theme, when you click page 2 at the bottom "for more videos" the URL in browser does not change, it simply just shows page 2.

How can I change this so it will show the URL as well? I have been told this is much better for crawlers.

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Unfortunately, this is not possible with default theme without intensive theme changes.

The structure of theme was designed in such way, that it renders multiple lists on the same page (e.g. search video + albums, profile page with multiple lists). When you have multiple lists on the same page, it is not possible to make a URL pagination for them within the same page. For example, when you have URL like this:


And you want 2nd page to be


The issue is that you can't paginate both videos and albums to page #2. Because if video list has 5 pages, and albums list have only 2 pages, scrolling to 3rd page will return 404 error, which is the expected behavior because albums list doesn't have page #3 and any other pages greater than 2.

So in order to have URL-based pagination, the website must be built in completely another URL structure, for example:



And for default theme this means complete theme restructuring.

And at the same time this doesn't bring any advantages.

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Well, not sure I understand their point and how breadcrumbs are connected to pagination...

Also in some cases pagination is already present in default theme, but not visible to users.

For example this URL:


You can mouse over pagination links and see they are referring to next pages via URL structure:


This is done for all major lists. But is excluded for categories, tags, models and etc. for performance reasons - otherwise tonnes of bots would navigate these pages every day and would consume your server resources without any reason. But if you need this, this can be enabled of cause.

So the key point of the theme is that users do not see pagination in their browser URLs, but the pagination itself actually transparently exists on the background.

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There is no reason for SEO to parse login or signup pages, this pages are even removed from indexing by default via robots.txt.

For sorting pages, maybe SEO experts tell you different things, but personally we think that different sortings of the same data is not something that should be exposed to SEO. These pages are actually duplicates, because they are showing the same data but in different order.

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