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Release date for Paysite theme 2


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Unfortunately we don't have any plans for this theme yet. In order to start its implementation we still miss some important features in KVS (specifically shopping cart support, so that users can purchase individual videos with shopping cart and not with tokens as it is supported now). The needed shopping cart functionality is planned in 4.1.x. After that we will be able to finalize this advanced paysite theme.

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Any updates on the shopping cart? Is it near release or still just in the planning stage?


My thoughts...


1. customers can sell downloads too, commissions like tokens.

2. videos marked yes/no for can be in a cart. Some can not be sold.

3. Max purchase amount per customer. This helps us limit chargebacks. New guys limited to say $50. Guys with known histories $300. "known history" is some formula of how many transactions totalling how many dollars over how many periods. (A period is 6 months, the time credit cards allow for a chargeback).

4. Not interested in coupons, taxes, shipping, discounts, deals etc. Keep it simple to start. One film is one price for everybody.

5. email hook to confirm purchase. Again very important for chargeback disputes. Sale does not proceed until customer accepts emailed link. Proof they agreed to purchase.

6. After successful checkout, film is not immediately available. Eg state is "paid", kvs checkout is done. Allow us further processing of download. Let us set purchased items to state "ready".





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We did not yet come to this, but we are moving forward: in 5.0 we revamped integration with payment processors and this was one of the required steps to add support for shopping cart.


1) If you mean to sell "ability to download", then we have something like this in plans. But we are not sure we can combine it with individual videos. BTW there is no way to protect files from download if they can be played in browser.


2) This is already supported. Videos can be sold only if they have non-zero price. Setting price to zero means that video cannot be purchased for tokens and thus will also mean that it can't be added to shopping cart.


3) Shouldn't this be a problem of payment processor? Anyway, as far as we know in dynamic pricing some payment processors have limits in the maximum amount, so we will have to allow configuring that in KVS.


5) This also looks to be a responsibility of payment processor, not KVS. Visa has 3D secure, not sure why you need additional email step if user confirms with mobile number code. We this it is not KVS responsibility to provide security checks instead of payment processors.


6) We do not like this, as it adds additional logic step, GUI and more work for us, without the actual need. All purchased items should be available immediately, otherwise we will also have to think about how to "undo" purchase if you don't want to approve it. We will keep it simple for now.

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