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Big delayed video start of +30 minutes videos


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Hello Guys!

I need a help about delayed video start when video duration is more than 30 minutes the player will not display it until 2-3MB of data downloading and that means about 55-80 seconds of the video should be downloaded to the visitor browser until the player start streaming this example on 360p quality , that make it so hard to see the video rolling before 60-180 seconds of waiting ,

anyone would give me an advice how to fix this issue ?


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Hello, unfortunately this can't be fixed with MP4 format, which requires browser to download MOOV metadata atom in order to get info about video.


The only fix for this is to use fragmented video files, such as HLS or MPEG-DASH, but this is not yet supported by KVS and will only be supported in future.

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This is not only player problem. We will have to re-consider everything related to video conversion and storage, because instead of a single file there is a folder with set of files. This will affect files copy, files protection, validation / checkup, migration between different servers and many other aspects in KVS, that are connected to storage system. Therefore not easy task to do. But eventually we will start looking in that soon.

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