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Web server setup install file


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This is not really a support request, but I think there should be an additional install file with the script archive mentioning recommended server OS, module download links (iirc, h264 mod streaming 404'd pretty much everywhere for a while), recommended ffmpeg and x264 build instructions, etc.


I understand that another solution is to simply pay for an install, but the downside of that is the extra clutter - a web panel... Many of us don't use them.





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Thanks for your feedback. The reason why we don't provide this is that we don't have much expertise in this part and thus the only thing we can provide is a compilation of googled info, which is not probably really useful. We keep our local dev environments on ubuntu and found it pretty straightforward to install everything based on manuals found by googling "how to build XXX on ubuntu". FFmpeg trac has a pretty full article on how to build ffmpeg with all dependencies:


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