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How to disable tags?

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I want to disable tags and leave only categories. I looked for everything and couldn't find it, could you tell me? I want to completely disable tags and remove the required tags field on the video upload form.

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You need to go to Website UI -> Pages and search for video_edit block there. Open the video_edit block settings and there you can remove tags from template, something like this:

<div class="row">
	<label for="edit_video_tags" class="field-label {{if $optional_tags!=1}}required{{/if}}">{{$lang.edit_video.field_tags}}</label>
	<input type="text" name="tags" id="edit_video_tags" class="textfield" value="{{$smarty.post.tags}}" placeholder="{{$lang.edit_video.field_tags_hint}}" {{if $is_locked=='true'}}readonly{{/if}}/>
	<div class="field-error down"></div>

also in block parameters you need to activate optional_tags.

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Hello! Thanks, it worked perfectly.

Now I have another question:

When doing some testing on a live website, I used Grabber to embed videos from other websites. I managed to embed more than 80 thousand videos, but I didn't like the result of the embed function. So I deleted everything. As a result, if I start a video now, the video ID number in the database will be very high, as shown in the image below.

Is there any way to get the number back to normal, like zero or less, corresponding to the current amount of real content presented on the site? The 80 thousand was deleted.


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