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How to Choose the Best CDN or Object Storage: Balancing Performance and Cost

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17 hours ago, Eri said:

Hi, I am using https://bunny.net?ref=hwiqo0mj8g 

I pay 10$ for 1TB video storage and for 1TB CDN streaming 5$ monthly. Check also their calculator.

This is cheap, but not viable. Our niche generally adults easily have 1tb of daily traffic. I see cloudflare stream as a better solution. They don't charge for bandwidth and this is crucial for us.

I don't know of other CDNs that don't charge for outbound traffic.

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I don’t want to give a too complex answer since it depends on the scenario, geolocation, desired quality, and the number of users to be served. So, I will just share my figures: I manage to operate across two continents, offering fast downloads & without streaming delay, at an approximate cost of $0.10 USD per TB, regardless of the resolution. My approach is efficient and effective, yet there’s still room for improvement, though it’s not a current priority. KVS's load balancing really helps, but it still has many limitations that required me to implement additional automations.

I hope this helps. In my opinion, $5 per 1TB is too expensive, and it's generally a good way to run into financial trouble. I would recommend setting a very strict bandwidth consumption limit for all formats. Following that, if you're considering this approach, why not opt for 1GBPS unmetered? (Please make sure to check that there's no fair usage policy in place.)

For those curious, one simple and useful feature I would have liked to see in KVS Load Balancing is the ability to limit bandwidth per server, right next to the server weight.

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