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Recommended CloudFlare Page Rules for Kernel Video Sharing Sites


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I strongly recommend setting up customized settings for Kernel Video Sharing sites using Cloudflare. While the default settings might work, they are not optimized for the best performance and security. Recently, improvements in IPV6 handling mean it is no longer necessary to disable it to avoid logging issues in the KVS admin panel.

I am considering creating a tutorial covering all the necessary configurations, particularly concerning security, which requires careful attention, and performance, which usually involves simply checking the right boxes. However, I advise against using Rocket Loader as it can cause serious issues with JavaScript.

If you opt for a simplistic approach and don't configure any specific settings, make sure your web server is configured to return the real IP address of the user. Failure to do this can lead to significant problems. You might find these guides helpful for configuring your server and whitelisting necessary IP addresses:

Restoring Original Visitor IPs on Cloudflare: https://developers.cloudflare.com/support/troubleshooting/restoring-visitor-ips/restoring-original-visitor-ips/

Cloudflare IP Addresses: https://developers.cloudflare.com/fundamentals/concepts/cloudflare-ip-addresses/

KVS could potentially develop a plugin to automatically and quickly configure settings via the Cloudflare API for your zone, but it does not seem to be a priority for them at this time.

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