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Promo clips 8 minutes

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Some of my affiliate partners give me premium acces to there content and than make me download their full videos for editing. 

I was wondering if KVS could handle this, so I don't need to manually edit the videos. I see that I can add pre and post roll videos, but is it possible to cut 30 minutes clips into 5-8 minutes clips. I know you can cut them into 10 equal parts, but is it also possible to make the parts not equal? So in the beginning you have 3 parts with 2 minutes and than 7 parts with 15 seconds clips combined into 1. 

Also would like to have a black banner at the bottom of the video with the sites name, that possible? 

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It is possible to create clip trailers with the settings that are available, e.g. equal parts. But you will have to update all video formats in the same way to get the same files of different qualities. I think this feature is not suitable for your task, as it was normally designed to create trailers of a single quality factor.

The batter at the bottom of video is connected to a video content source. Please check Connecting advertising to content sources section here:


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