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Bulk Edit Models / Categories?


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So I’ve searched the entire forum and have failed to find anything about bulk editing models / categories. But I feel like it has to be possible because it’s such a mandatory ability. What am I missing?

Basically I want to be able to bulk edit all models from a spreadsheet or similar interface. I want to bulk edit: Model groups, associated tags/categories, model stats (i.e height, hair color, etc), photo URL, and any other available options. It seems ridiculous that I’d have to open each models page one by one and individually select all of these when there is such a simple and efficient solution.

Thank you for your help!

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Wow ok.. that’s surprising. So the only option is to individually set all these options? It will take an eternity!

Just seems weird, I mean… the info has to be saved in a database right? So why can’t the database just be edited?

Is this feature something that’s close to being implemented or just “some day”? Do you need beta testers to test it out!!? I’m available!

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The feature is not for the nearest version for sure, then we will see. I'm not sure how you think it will be faster to edit this in other way, because you still have to manually specify data for each object. Even with import or bulk edit you have to manually prepare each thumb for example.

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I have photos of all models named “models-name.jpg”. I use excel to generate image URLs by combining my site url + model directory path + model name +.jpg which gives me:


and I instantly have image URLs for all of my models.

Next step is to simply upload those photos to the “models” path used in url, then bulk copy/paste them into a “model thumbnail” column, and done. ALL of your models now have images, whether you have 10 or 1000…

Might sound complicated but really it’s not, and takes 10 minutes.

Also think about how long it would take you to hold ctrl, click to select a cell next to each blonde model, then press ctrl v to paste the word “blonde”, press save, and done… ALL blonde models are now labeled as blondes.

Now think about how much time it would take you to individually open 500 model pages, scroll, select “blonde”, save changes, go back to all models, open next model, select “blonde”, save, and repeat…500 times.

Now imagine repeating this method for ALL variables for ALL models….


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