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Litespeed/Redis NOT Nginx/Memcached?


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Hello so I just bought a monthly ultimate to try kvs out. In many ways, kvs provides EXACTLY what I always wished Wordpress did… but never could. It really makes you realize “wow wordpress really was never designed for this.”

However there’s a few big things I’m worried about:

1. My server is a litespeed + Apache server: I DO NOT use Nginx.

2. I use Redis: I DO NOT use Memcached.

Wordpress + Litespeed + Redis (+ BunnyCDN) has been working INCREDIBLY well and my site/videos load practically instantly. I tried multiple times but was never able to get Nginx anywhere near as fast as litespeed. So obviously, I want to use this server setup with KVS, and I don’t see any reasons why it shouldn’t work just as well or better with KVS.

HOWEVER… All the kvs documentation I’ve seen kinda shoves Nginx and Memcached down your throat, failing to even mention Litespeed or redis.

So I thought I’d ask you guys about it! Is there any support at all for litespeed or redis? Are there any litespeed or redis specific setup guides or recommendations?

Thank you for your help!

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Nginx is not required, and can be replaced with Litespeed. The only question is content protection IF you store content locally. If you store content on CDN, protection is done by CDN, so Nginx is not needed.

As for Memcached, it doesn't make significant difference for KVS. KVS uses 2 level caching system, and Memcached really matters for huge traffic sites. Also it is never a problem to install Memcached if needed. Redis is not supported by KVS.

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