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How to run multiple sites on one web server


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I run a network of sites (~30) on Wordpress. I'm used to running multiple isolated sites on one server. 

I really like KVS, but:
1) 1 license = 1 domain, right?
2) Can I run multiple sites on one web server easily? Storage and conversion servers would be separate. If yes, can I just create a new site in fastpanel and 

I know I can run one KVS instance on one server and use embed codes on the "satellites", but I get traffic only from SEO, so I don't like embedding another domain.

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1) Yes, this is correct.

2) Typically you can run many KVS sites on a single server, however in some rare cases your server may have a limit of the number of crons / background processes that can be started. Unlike Wordpress, KVS relies on background processes for doing different set of tasks, and there are common cases when 2-5 KVS processes are being executed at the same time. The more projects you have, the more processes will run. But this problem may only occur if you have some cheap virtual hosting, on dedicated server there are no issues with that.

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