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Adding another server (both convert and storage)


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So i have a simple use case. I have a new server, with enough storage space and decent CPU. Is it possible to add it as another server without having to separately add it as conversion and storage? I assume that if a job gets sent there to convert, it would convert, then push the result to any of the existing storage servers, would make sense to keep the file locally to save on transfers. 

Is this doable?


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Storage server set up in KVS should use its IP address for FTP connection. In this case conversion server will also use this IP address. It is not possible to specify storage server as local, while in fact it is a remote server. Because multiple different server may need to connect to it, including your primary server, your conversion server (which may be physically the same server as storage), or your another conversion servers (which may be physically different servers). So in order to facilitate all these usage scenarios your must specify server connection equally for all.

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We would think a bit about this, maybe we add ability to specify an additional local connection path and conversion server will check if this local path is available and describes the actual storage server, then it will use this path to copy files instead of using FTP.

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