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what does ktplayer .swf do?


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hi, I am learning web coding and was hacking through some code of a website to understand how it played video.

I found it uses kt_player instead of html5 video. It does have a video tag but the code passes the div id, kt_player.swf file (on its server), some flash variables and the mp4 file as the argument to some function which ultimately uses kt_player.

I am not able to understand how these things come together to play the video. I thought flash was not supported anymore. So is kt_player a flash emulator?

Please explain briefly. I am using latest Firefox.

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**forgot to mention this, adding reply since couldn't edit the post.**


The code is obfuscated and needed quite a lot of hacking. What prompted this was that the videos from this website could not be downloaded with any extensions, even flash ones. That got me curious to learn about this phenomenon.

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