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I don't need my source video file converted


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How do I achieve to upload a main source video file that can be served as one of the formats (1080p) and not to be re-encoded by KVS?

I've created a new video format called "MP4 Main" and in "FFMPEG options", I changed 25fps to 60fps so that it recognizes that it's already 60fps and doesn't do a conversion, but then it does already.

If I upload the source file as one of the format in "Add video" page, I have to upload the video in the "Source file" field again even though below says:

"you can either upload source file here, or one of the video formats below which will be used as source file; when uploading one or several video formats they will be saved "as is" without processing"

And it does processing anyway, in fact is 428Mb in size, much more than original


See what I mean, I've uploaded the same file on 2 of the marked fields here: 



Is there a way I can tell FFMPEG not to process the file? The field "FFMPEG Options" can not be blank in "Video Format" page

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KVS should not do any processing if you upload a video file into "MP4 Main" format slot. When such a file is uploaded KVS would just save it without processing.

If you think you get another behavior, please create a support ticket, you are doing something wrong.

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