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Hello guys,


i need help to create a pop up button near the "Sign Up/Log in Buttons" called "Remove Ads" , and when click on this button it show for us Pricing Table 

That have "Select Token Purchase Package : Purchase 5 tokens - $5 " etc... and when i select the options it redirect me to payment links and give the user premium package 




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This popup can be working for members, so I guess you need this code in Website UI -> Page components -> include_header_general.tpl:


{{if $smarty.session.status_id!=3}} {{* do not show this link for premium users *}}
<a data-href="{{if $smarty.session.user_id>0}}{{$lang.urls.upgrade}}{{else}}{{$lang.urls.login_required}}{{/if}}" data-fancybox="ajax">Remove Ads</a>


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Thanks for reply,

I have 2 billings active CoinPayments and Internal Tokens

I already in use when click on token balance it appear CoinPayments Packges etc...

But when i click on remove ads it appears the same popup of CoinPayments but i want to display the popup of Internal Tokens

and if select 1st package and have enough tokens the user will be automatically premium user (when choose the package) and if there is not enough tokens it will be open another pop of coinpayment to make him purshase tokens

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Thanks for your reply, it worked for me,

But i need something else the user when he purshase the package of remove ads, he will be automaticaly premium member and he can see all the premium videos, but i want him to purshase only the remove ads, and he need to pay token for premium videos, is this possible ? 

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