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Adding video keywords and suggested bandwith for content server


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Good morning everyone, I am in the process of migrating content from another CMS. 

I was a bit amazed that it seems to be not possible to enter keywords for a video, when uploading it. There is probably a way but I am not finding it. I tried to study the documentation on how blocks work and realized that there is a variable in the factory that generates the video pages, which also contains a keyword attribute.

Unfortunately, the php code being obscured I cannot deduce where that key reads its value from. In the DB I could not find anything about it. Am I missing something obvious? I've read through the documentation regarding blocks twice but something keeps not adding up for me.
Secondly (so I avoid opening another post) I would like to know if there are any guidelines for setting up a content server, to know ideally what bandwidth I need to start with a site having between 2k/3k videos, with 7k/10k daily visitors.

Third (and I'll close here) is there by any chance a discord community to interact with other webmasters using KVS?

Best regards and have a good weekend,

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Do you mean something in <meta name="keywords"> tags? Typically KVS uses video tags to render there. For example you can see this:


It is showing these meta keywords:

<meta name="keywords" content="Metal Music, metalcore, hardcore, heavy metal, melodic death metal, death metal, 2009"/>

Then if you open this video in admin panel, you can see from where these meta keywords are coming from:


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