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Migrate off of remote storage back to local storage


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What is the process for migrating away from a remote storage server back to local storage? I have a subdomain setup as a CDN that points to my remote storage server right now and has a few thousands videos that I want to move back to local storage since I've increased disk space. I can rsync the files from the remote storage server back to my local server, but I think that those videos will still be pointing to my remote servers subdomain. How would I go about getting those videos all switched back so I can get rid of the remote storage?

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Please check How to migrate your existing content to a new server or CDN section here


It doesn't matter if you migrate the content from local to remote, or from remote back to local, the process in KVS is the same.

If you can manually rsync content, this would be faster, because KVS Sync content feature will not copy files in this case, it will verify that all the files are copied already. Some people say that manually rsyncing video files is much faster than KVS can do using FTP copy. But anyway to make sure all the files are in place you need to run Sync content from KVS admin panel that will verify the process.

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