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Combine 3 selected/generated screenshot images into one


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Hi Tech Support

Is it possible to combine images(3 actually) that is generated as screenshot to be combined into one using php? What I'm trying to do is select 3 screenshots using js in admin area for videos that I'm adding manually and do execute php function to combine 3 screenshots into one.



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It is possible to do with custom post processing plugin and customizing it to check if the video is vertical and merge screenshots. However, you will have to create a new file that will not be known to KVS, and it won't be managed by KVS. So if you for example decide to change something with screenshots in the future, e.g. switch to AVIF format for example, this separate file will be excluded from the conversion process. Or if we ever decide to migrate screenshot storage to a new structure, this will again not be included.

The better way would be to render 3 images directly in template, but this is also not optimal, because it will produce 3 requests instead of 1. Also there is currently no any way to know if the video is vertical or not inside a video list.

So I think we may probably need some adjustments here at conversion engine level. First of all we need to add ability to separate vertical VS horizontal videos. And secondly we need to add some option that will create a single screenshot from combined 3 for vertical videos. We will see if we can make this coming into 6.2.0.

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