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what ways to reduce server load on Apache server that host my kvs website?


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Hi, I discovered that there are large files that my server created and content of files that growing every day and some of it is uneeded.
for example i discovered that there is  Giant Log files about 10GB size and some of this logs i can delete, but not the current log file, also i can delete error logs.

so, i want to hear from you guys some ways to delete/clean more uneeded files. not just un the server also in the website theme or cpanel.

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I would say your post title doesn't correspond to your post contents.

If you experience giant log files from Apache, then you should change its configuration to use rotating log file (please check official Apache docs for this).

If your rotating log file is growing to 10G, then something is wrong with your site, it may refer to many broken resources that would hit 404 errors into log file. You may need to examine the log file to see what URLs are triggering errors and identify how to get rid of them.

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