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Pre-Sales Question - "Event Date" for video, is there a field that could be used?


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Sorry,  I am not a php person.   We need to be able to store an "event date" on all of our videos (this would be in addition to the date field used to order by most recently added).  We are attempting to find a replacement for our current hosted VOD software / provider.   Our videos are not adult videos.  They are Government Meetings, Sporting Events etc..  The date that the meeting, game, concert etc... took place on is very important to our users.    I saw in the forum a post about adding a field on an upload and it "seemed" like this was possible.   We would be grouping our videos into categories: for us these would be "Basketball", "Football", "Soccer" etc..   within each category we would want to be able to display the videos in descending order based upon the "Event Date" or based upon "most Recent".  

I don't really need detailed instructions at this point, I really am more interested in knowing if this is a common thing that is done (adding a field), and how "big a scope" is this?    How bad would adding a field (and this sorting option) when applying updates?     We would probably be looking at paying someone from your staff to make the changes for us (we would also looking at paying for advice on adapting the interface to our needs.    Sorry if this is being posted in the wrong place, but I am just looking for sort of a technical scope on how big an issue this is.

Thank you for any direction on this,

Lance Cluster

On Behalf of Boxford Cable Access television


our current vod:  http://boxford.vod.castus.tv/vod



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At the moment KVS supports up to 3 text customization fields for videos. You can use one of them to store event date. The main concern here is that KVS doesn't yet support types for custom fields, so the can only be edited as a plan text data:



We did a vote for the upcoming features (the vote is closed already) and it looks like the feature to make custom fields better didn't win much votes to be added into the next update, but it got some attention from our customers, so could be possible that more people will vote for it in the next update:


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