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Update of Grabber for Xhamster


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Hi There,


I use KVS 3.9.1 and i use the grabber to import (embbed movies from xhamster) this works perfectly. The grabber was very nice for me cuz i not mass embbed i hand select the movies who match to my site.


Now xhamster seems to changed the URL Structure.


Old Structure: https://xhamster.com/movies/7771794/couple_share_asian_hooker_for_3some_final_asianaug hty.html


New Structure: https://xhamster.com/videos/gia-paige-and-jenna-satvia-lesbian-sex-7957102


I have talked with Xhamster Support and this is the new way how they will produce URLS in Future.


Actually the Grabber not worked correctly anymore, he grab not the video that i want he just grab something.


Can you update the grabber that he can parse xhamster correctly, and provide files to exchange ?


Thank you very much





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Hi There :)


It seems there is once again a problem with the xhamster grabber. He don't anymore, Can you please have a look. Here it the task log:


[2018-02-06 10:40:01] Starting new import 95634419 [2018-02-06 10:40:01] Starting import thread 1 [Thread 1] [2018-02-06 10:40:01] Started import 95634419 [Thread 1] [2018-02-06 10:40:01] Started line #1 [Thread 1] [2018-02-06 10:40:01] Grabbing gallery https://xhamster.com/videos/deutsche-milf-hure-gebucht-und-auf-der-terasse-gefickt-8958565... [Thread 1] [2018-02-06 10:40:01] Using grabber xhamster.com [Thread 1] [2018-02-06 10:40:07] ERROR: grabber was not able to grab embed code

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