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How To Limit An FTP User To A Specific Directory?


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Hi, The most common reason to restrict FTP users is to prevent them from making changes to certain parts of a website. Restricting access can also be useful if you want to make it possible for a user to upload media, but you don’t want to give them access to other areas.

But the most critical reason to restrict FTP users is security. An FTP user with full or root access can execute destructive commands. And while you may trust your users, what happens if their account is compromised? Perhaps they make a mistake or edit files by accident.

so i want ask if i can protect specific folders on my ftp account with password? is there software or code that can do this? cloudflare can do this? how?

Note : "Creating a New FTP User Account With Limited Access" this way will not help me, becaouse i want give access to 9 folders from 10 folders , and i cant move folders, and its not good idea to create 9 ftp user account.

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What you are saying "restrict access" is a bit confusing. The access can be read and write. It is very easy to restrict write access by manipulating file ownership. Typically KVS files are uploaded via FTP, which serves 2 things:

  1. Restrict web server from modifying KVS core files, so that an intruder cannot do much harm if there is a vulnerability found in KVS.
  2. Use this FTP account later to update KVS, e.g. re-write some system files with new versions and add new files.

In this case you can simply create another FTP username and this user will not be able to modify KVS system files that are protected.

If you mean restrict read access to certain directories, this won't be possible with FTP I guess. Read access is needed for all server users, including web server, to serve these files. What will probably help is some kind of external File manager script that can be installed on your server and can be configured with detailed restrictions what a user can read and modify.

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