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Generate fake favourites for videos, albums and models

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Paysite theme by default renders the number of users who added video, album or model to favourites:




It will be good for your project if these numbers won't be 0 from the very start. In order to achieve that you can use the attached PHP script to generate fake favourites (kvs_generate_fake_favourites.txt). Put this file into your web root folder, rename it to .php extension and open for editing.


There are 3 lines you can modify to control how many favourites will be generated in average for each object type:

$average_subscribers_count_for_models = 10;
$average_subscribers_count_for_videos = 10;
$average_subscribers_count_for_albums = 10;



This number is average, it means that some content will have less than 10 and some will have more than 10. Adjust according to your needs. We do not recommend to put big numbers if you have many content.


When ready, run this script using:



Then make sure you delete the script.


Removing fake favourites


This script can also delete fake favourites that were previously generated if needed. It won't delete any real favourites that were created later by real members.

In order to do that simply put 0 in all options:

$average_subscribers_count_for_models = 0;
$average_subscribers_count_for_videos = 0;
$average_subscribers_count_for_albums = 0;



Then run the script:



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