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KVS paysite theme announcement

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A new paysite theme is available now for KVS!


Live demo for this theme is available here:



You can purchase theme here:



Once purchased, you can use this theme on multiple domains.


Please note that this theme is provided and supported by http://adult-html.com team.


Theme key features

  • Fully responsive
  • Supports 10 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish
  • Separate access limitations for guests / trial / premium users
  • Videos, photos, models, categories, tags
  • Configurable video gallery on index page
  • Memberzone features: favourite videos, favourite albums, favourite models, autoplayable playlists
  • White and Dark skins

Access limitation features


Theme supports 3 types of access levels and for each level you will be able to set up what is allowed:

  • Access to videos / albums
  • Rating videos / albums / models
  • Commenting videos / albums / models
  • Adding videos / albums / models to favourites
  • Downloading video files / album ZIP archives

Access level types:


- Guests: users who are not registered or not logged in, SEO robots, can access all content pages, but are limited in what they actually can see and what they actually can do. You can configure that guests can see only short trailers and then they need to sign up to watch full videos.


- Trial members: either free signup members, or members who passed through payment processor's free trial option. These members can be limited in the number of content they can fully access (for example max 5 videos or albums). In order to get access to specific video / album they will need to unlock it and only after that they can have full access to it. At the same time rating / downloading / commenting / favouriting options can be disabled for such members even if they unlocked any specific video or album. So that only when they are converted to premium they have full access for all functionality.


- Premium members: members who have the maximum access level and can access everything.


Possible scenarios for paysite implementation


Scenario 1 (this is how our demo site is configured). Guest members can only access video / album pages, but can't either view or rate / comment anything. If they are registered with premium option, they have everything unlocked. If they are registered using trial option, they can unlock up to 5 videos / albums and have full access to all functionality (rating, commenting, favouriting) except downloading. Downloading is only available for premium members.


Scenario 2. Guest members can see free trailers on each video. Trial members can unlock limited number of videos / albums and have full access to them. Premium members can access everything.


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