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How to fix issue with website temporary unavailable

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KVS has built-in overload protection that will disable some site functionality if your server load gets high. This is needed to prevent further load increase. There are several levels of protection, and KVS tries first to disable some non-important features, then more important and finally it will switch off your site with showing this message:

Sorry, the website is temporary unavailable. Please come back later!

BTW, you can customize this message by creating https://domain.com/overload.html file with the desired error message layout, in this case KVS will use this file.

At the same time it will show some errors in stats on your start page that can highlight how many times overload protection was triggered:


If you click into these non-zero values, you will see more detailed stats for them:


Normally, a small fraction of errors comparing to your general traffic is fine, indicating that overload protection is working as expected.

If you think that it is triggered too often, you may need to adjust limits in Settings -> Website settings. By default KVS uses the lower recommended limits, you can increase them all to upper recommended values.


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