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How to enable Multi Languages on site ?


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Tried to search this question in KVS forum but I don't see any except this thread, but looks like he already has some technical skill already, i'm not

I purchased KVS ultimate theme but I can't enable multi languages

Here is video I recorded (fresh install)


Here is video I added some code from KVS theme support: (added bottom of /admin/include/setup.php)

$locales = ['ru', 'de', 'fr', 'it', 'es', 'pt', 'zh', 'ja', 'tr'];
foreach ($locales as $locale)
    if ($_COOKIE['kt_lang']==$locale)
        $config['locale'] = $locale;


Here is video from documentation, I added it in bottom of /admin/include/setup.php file


In documentation, it said:


In this case, in order to switch the site to a localized version, you need to send the kt_lang=%code% parameter to any page. This parameter will be stored in user’s cookies, and later on, for this user, the site will switch to the chosen localized version automatically.

Okay so where do I add "kt_lang=%code%" ?

I want to use multiple languages within the same domain name

Please help :(

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