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new ideas about hls


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Before the official launch of the hls function, I thought of an alternative。

About transcoding hls

After uploading to kvs, kvs will transcode through the original system, capture screenshots or previews, and automatically execute slicing after distribution to the storage server.

After slicing, the mp4 files are automatically deleted and storage space is saved.

About downloading mp4

After receiving the download instruction from the website, the remote server will automatically merge the ts file into an mp4 file.

The user can repeatedly access the file within the specified time period, and after the allowed time is exceeded, the file will be automatically deleted to save space.

Since there is no transcoding, this ts merge will be very fast. Evaluation time is 15-30 seconds to complete.

Since the player of the official kvs system does not support m3u8, you need to change other supported players to use it.

We have completed 90% of the above functions and instructions. If you have other better ideas, please contact us and see the demo.

TG:https://t.me/aadbbo_1 or email:cnservers@proton.me


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On 10/28/2022 at 7:28 AM, mongoose657 said:

Seems like this would be hard for a high traffic website. Where does the merging get done (webserver, conversion, storage)? Does it email or message the user to a download link after? What happens to the file after merged, is it deleted?

It will be done where your files are stored. When you click download, the entire merging process takes about 30s, and you can use JS to jump to the downloaded file.  

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