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ovhcloud is great for KVS?


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unamanaged dedicated kvs sever for adult (without copyright issues) - ovh

semi-managed servers > check our kvs Partners page (out of whom mojohost is the gold standard) or dm me

what many miss, there are new webmasters who go all crazy without respecting copyrights > these need shady offshore dmca ignored hosting companies (the issue is = these companies are as unreliable as their webmasters)


the issue with ovh > very slow support if you don't pay for decent support. .. yes, and you don't want them or us start getting lots of dmca requests.


.. hopefully this helps


p.s. just in a case > be professional, respect the future scalability needs and go for the multi-server setups > you will need the Ultimate licence! .. of course, if you can afford this

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On 4/28/2023 at 5:26 PM, naughtyking said:

i try ovh but its unmanaged so i didnt like it, i try and test many of server provider companies and the best is abelohost.com
they have a very good servers with good prices, i will recommend abelohost.


It seems that you are more interested into offshore servers than having difficulties managing these ;) .. it is ok.. mostly x industry is like this, if you don't find ways to get video content with rights to publish it on your tubes

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