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We've received "account removal requests"

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By default KVS doesn't allow users to remove their account automatically. This is done because of mainly SEO factor, for example you have a user who uploaded 100s of videos that receive SEO traffic and anyway popular with other users. And if this user wants to remove their account, then the videos should also be removed. So KVS allows users to request their account to be deleted, and then you need to decide this manually. If these users do not have any content uploaded, or you simply don't care - just remove their accounts from admin panel and that's it. If these users have some videos uploaded, you may want to move these videos to other user's account, just to not lose them from your site.

It is also possible to configure that users can delete their accounts automatically with all content without your consent, or they can only automatically delete their accounts if they don't have any content uploaded. This can be configured in Website UI -> Global blocks -> Delete Profile Form parameters.

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