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Trailer in Single Video

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      when we click on a video on the homepage it takes to a single Video page, where we have a Big picture with a link to register. Is there a code to have there, either the option to watch the trailer, or a link to the trailer?

PD: What we call the trailer is one of our video formats which is the first seconds of the video and is public. We have that in the homepage with the on hover option.

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There can be 2 options here:

1) Configure player to display trailer in Settings -> Player settings -> Video formats display. And then you need to all video page in general to be viewable to guest. This can be configured in Settings -> Memberzone settings -> Access to videos. I guess you have configured that public / private / premium videos are only accessible to registered / premium members, so that's why KVS shows big picture and link to register. If you change this and configure player settings correctly, KVS will show player with trailer. But you will then have to put link to register somewhere else.

2) Display trailer download link using this code (update the code with correct trailer format postfix):

{{assign var="format_postfix" value="_trailer.mp4"}}
{{if $data.formats[$format_postfix].file_url}}
	<a href="{{$data.formats[$format_postfix].file_url}}" target="_blank">Watch trailer</a>


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