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conversion server issue


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Hey Guys,

adding a new conversion server getting this error "PHP Fatal error: <br>The encoded file <b>/home/****/public_html/remote_cron.php</b> is not permissioned for xx.xx.xx.xxx in Unknown on line 0"

the server has 7.2 PHP with ioncube_loader_lin_7.2.so .

when I reach the file from browser I get "HTTP ERROR 500", how can we fix this

KVS v5.1.1 Ultimate license, and the server configured for conversion as described in the documentation .


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Hello, this file is not designed to be executed via browser, it should be executed via command line.


You should try running this file via command line:

php /home/****/public_html/remote_cron.php


If it returns the same error message (The encoded file <b>/home/****/public_html/remote_cron.php</b> is not permissioned for xx.xx.xx.xxx), this means you are using wrong PHP binary command (CGI one instead of CLI).

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it's now working after calling php cli and the server is active .

but after making a test we get this ftp error "[ERROR] Can't open /path/7906/progress.dat: No such file or directory"

and while checking that path we only see task.dat next to the video file "5490.tmp" but no progress.dat .

Thanks :)

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