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How to add Suggest Box in Video View page?


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It is the same functionality as report video:




It uses flags to report some text message for a video. What you need is to create a new flag for this, e.g. flag_suggest_model and then duplicate flagging form but replace raio button group with hidden input that locks flag ID.


You can also find example of this form in default template of video_view block: Website UI -> Page blocks overview -> video_view.

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Can please post a tutorial step by step.


Because I already try:


{{if count($data.tags)>0}}
                               <div class="item">
                                   {{foreach item="item" from=$data.tags}}
                                       <a {{if $lang.enable_tags=='true'}}href="{{$lang.urls.videos_by_tag|replace:"%DIR%":$item.tag_dir|replace:"%ID%":$item.tag_id}}"{{/if}}>{{$item.tag}}</a>
                                   <button onclick="myFunction()">+Suggest</button>


function myFunction() {
 var x = document.getElementById("suggestbox");
 if (x.style.display === "none") {
   x.style.display = "block";
 } else {
   x.style.display = "none";


<div id="suggestbox" class="tab-content hidden">
                       <form action="{{$data.canonical_url}}" method="post" data-form="ajax">
                           <div class="generic-error hidden"></div>
                           <div class="success hidden">{{$lang.videos.video_details_success_message_flag}}</div>
                           <input type="hidden" name="video_id" value="{{$data.video_id}}">
                               <textarea id="flag_message" name="flag_message" rows="3" class="textarea" placeholder="{{$lang.videos.video_details_field_flag_reason_hint}}"></textarea>
                               <input type="submit" class="submit" value="{{$lang.suggest}}">

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If no model:


{{if count($data.models)>0}}

<div itemprop="name" itemtype="http://schema.org/Person" class="item">


{{foreach item="item" from=$data.models}}

<a itemprop="url" {{if $lang.enable_models=='true'}}href="{{$lang.urls.videos_by_model|replace:"%DIR%":$item.dir|replace:"%ID%":$item.model_id}}"{{/if}}>{{$item.title}}</a>




<button onclick="myFunction()">+Suggest</button>



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If you have problems with some specific code, please create a support ticket.


From what we currently see, in your form code you should also add this hidden input, as we stated on the screenshot:

<input type="hidden" name="flag_id" value="flag_suggest_model"/>


And of cause you should also create a new flag for video with External ID = flag_suggest_model (in Categorization -> Flags).



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