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How to allow embedding your videos from a whitelisted set of sites

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KVS will allow embedding your content from anywhere by default. If you want to completely disallow embedding your videos on other sites, please check this guide:

How to disable embedding your content on other sites and redirect embeds to your site


Blacklisting domains

You can see which 3rd-party domains embed your videos in Stats -> Embed usage. These stats may contain data for long period, so it makes sense to use filters to limit data to the last week or month.

If you want to disallow specific domains from using your embed codes, go to Settings -> Embed player settings and specify blacklisted domains under Embed code access limitation:



Whitelisting domains

Another common configuration scenario is when you want to only allow your other projects to embed your videos, and disallow any other 3rd-party sites. This should be configured in 2 steps:


1) Go to Settings -> Embed player settings and create a new Embed player profile. Specify whitelisted domains under this profile settings and make sure this profile is configured as you need (e.g. video formats display, advertising), because the new profile will only copy few display options from default profile:



2) In Settings -> Embed player settings switch to default Embed player profile and under Video formats display remove all slots:



Such settings will prevent embedding your videos on all sites except domains listed under Whitelisted embed profile that you created in step 1. If you need to whitelist more domains, just edit Whitelisted profile and add more domains. If you need different embed player settings on different whitelisted domains, you can create more embed player profiles up to a single profile per domain: each with unique settings, e.g. branding or advertising.

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