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I purchased KVS, what should I do to get my KVS installation?

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Our website will automatically email payment confirmation and instructions as soon as your payment gets approved by our payment gateway. This may take some time depending on the chosen payment method, but in most cases this will happen right after you paid.

Here is step by step instruction what you should do to get your KVS project ready.


1) Login to your KVS customer zone if not logged yet and go to My licenses page that you can find at the very top. If your payment was approved, you should see new license in license list:step1.thumb.png.6f43f8718dfedd7808dbc456761babae.png


2) Click on Actions button to open license details page. Under Services you will find 2 services with New status:



3) Expand License information service and specify your license details: domain name, choose site language (NOTE: this is not admin panel language), choose theme and finally URL pattern:


If you want to install KVS yourself, please wait for your license information to be approved. This may take some time. Once approved, you should get an email with installation package archive. You can also download installation package in your license settings. You will find installation instructions inside installation archive under _INSTALL directory.


4) If you want KVS team to install KVS for you (this is free for the first time), then expand KVS installation service and specify all the needed details there:


You should specify valid FTP connection to the project installation folder and also valid connection to an empty MySQL database that should be used for KVS. Once submitted, it may take up to 3 business days to install KVS, but in most cases it will be finished within the next 24 hours. You will be notified with email when KVS installation is finished.

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