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KVS 5.1.1 update

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Update status

5.1.1 update status is FINAL. You can download update in KVS client zone for all your licenses:



Update requirements

  • KVS 5.0.0 or above (earlier versions should be updated to KVS 5.0.1 first using separate update procedure).
  • PHP 7.1 or above.

If you haven't yet updated KVS to 5.0.1, then please do, you can find KVS 5.0.1 update information here: KVS 5.0.1 update

After updating KVS to 5.0.1, please change PHP to 7.1 or above:

  • In /admin/include/setup.php modify PHP binary path to use PHP 7.1+ binary.
  • In Plugins -> System Audit run installation check.
  • Change Apache or Nginx configuration to use PHP 7.1+ for KVS project.

Before altering project configuration please make sure that your PHP 7.1+ has all the needed and recommended modules described in KVS server requirements.

NOTE: to prevent your site from stopping due to invalid PHP version / configuration, it is recommended as the first step to modify PHP binary path to use PHP 7 and then run installation check in System Audit plugin. If audit results look good, you can switch Apache / Nginx to use new PHP for this project.

PHP 7.0 is not supported! Only PHP 7.1 - 7.3 are officially supported. Please take a look at updated KVS server requirements page.


5.1.1 update procedure

Any project starting from 5.0.0 can be updated to 5.1.1 with one only procedure. Depending on your current KVS version, update procedure may contain additional steps for older versions.

You must use KVS update plugin in order to update your project. For update you will need:

  • KVS update ZIP archive for your project and its hash code for update plugin (contact support in beta phase to get these).
  • FTP connection to your project so that you can upload files.

Update procedure has the following steps:

  • Create backup using Backup plugin.
  • Upload update ZIP into KVS update plugin and specify hash code.
  • KVS update plugin will notify you if there are any custom changes in KVS system files, which will be overridden by update.
  • KVS update plugin will update database automatically.
  • KVS update plugin will ask you to copy files from the archive on top of your project using FTP or filesystem copy. Please make sure you are NOT USING sync functionality in your FTP client, which will delete many files on your server, because obviously update archive contains only part of all files. What you need is just to drag and drop files from update archive on top of your project root folder and confirm their re-writing (excluding _INSTALL folder, it doesn't need to be copied).
  • KVS update plugin will verify the updated files and finalize update procedure.
  • Use System audit plugin to verify that everything looks good.


Whats new in KVS 5.1.1

Player enhancements, admin panel performance improvements, ability to filter by quality in grabbers, support for NATS User Management and dozen of other enhancements in various areas. You can find some screenshots and description about various new features in KVS 5.2.0 development topic.

1) Another set of player enhancements:

  • Changed VPAID architecture to display video slot inside VPAID iframe for better compatibility with advertising vendors.
  • Player settings will now allow configuring VPAID timeout and the default timeout is increased twofold to 10 seconds. Unfortunately some VPAID vendors take longer time to initialize their ads, which may negatively impact your site.
  • Player error logging can now be enabled in player settings.
  • Player keyboard skipping behavior was changed to provide better usability than before.
  • In VAST profiles we removed URL max length limit that didn't allow entering long URLs.

2) Push notifications plugin will allow enabling notifications only for traffic from specific referrers (prior to that it was possible to disable notifications for traffic from specific referrers).

3) Content localization will now check translated titles for duplicates.

4) It will now be possible to separate stop words with new lines in addition to commas.

5) Adding new languages will work in much optimal way now. Earlier adding a new language in a huge database could result in long database overload time.

6) Grabbers plugin will now allow filtering imported video content by quality. This means you can configure any grabber to import only videos with 720p or above, or with 1080p or above.

7) Google ReCAPTCHA plugin was updated to support specifying separate sets of keys for different alias domains if your project is working under several aliases at the same time.

8) Content import will now support additional option to optimize content copying using rename function for cases when source files are already uploaded to your server.

9) NATS billing integration was subdivided into 2 separate processors: the old one is working using transaction postbacks (approval, rebill, refund, chargeback and etc.), and the new one is designed to work with User Management Postback. The key difference between them is how they handle user data. The new processor also supports users that are added manually in NATS and can update user passwords if they are updated in NATS, but it doesn't collect information about refunds or chargebacks as the old one. In addition to that KVS is now capable of using NATS API to notify NATS about email or password changes that happened in KVS backend for NATS users.

10) A new option was added to tag settings that allows adding old tags as synonyms to new tags, when renaming tags in admin panel. Doing this is useful to prevent old tags from being added again and again. This option will be enabled by default, as we think this is the desired behavior for tag rename process.

11) Plugins page in admin panel was optimized to work much faster than before.

12) In Content settings it is now possible to limit download speed for downloads operated by KVS itself (during import or remote file upload). This can be used to reduce overload caused by import.

13) Custom grabbers will now support post-processing function that will be executed after each grabbed content item is created in KVS database and its ID gets available. This can be used to grab comments in addition to main content.

14) Category synonyms can now support partial match using * symbol. This can be useful if you want to import a set of similar spelled categories as a 1 single category - in this case instead of listing all possible combinations you can use partial match. Please note that partial match considers word boundary.

15) In referral registration award configuration it will now be possible to configure IP uniqueness check period to avoid users having multiple awards for registrations from the same IP.

16) Bugs that have been fixed:

  • [MEDIUM] CCBill processor would end up in error if postback is executed using non-existing access package ID (regression after 5.0.0).
  • [MEDIUM] CCBill processor would add member normally for some denial codes where no member should actually be added.
  • [LOW] KVS displayed false error on conversion server if it took more than 2 minutes to process tasks on it (regression after 5.1.0).
  • [LOW] Models list in admin panel didn't render age value (regression after 5.0.0).
  • [LOW] FFmpeg could create huge log files in some rare cases that would block KVS conversion engine.
  • [LOW] No error was considered when trying to add WebP format and missing WebP converter support in ImageMagick.
  • [LOW] Stats will not show comparison with average for today date anymore as this makes no sense.
  • [LOW] Anonymous users could set private content type that in fact should not be used when uploading content anonymously.
  • [LOW] Grabbers import didn't check titles for duplicates prior to downloading files, which resulted in nonoptimal import behavior for duplicate cases.
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