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Does the (new) default theme support album pagination? I see the options in album_view_album_view as items_per_page, links_per_page and var_from. But including include_pagination_block_common.tpl does not change anything, because the pagination does not function.


I admit it is not a problem for albums with less than 100 images, but some albums users upload have even 500 images.



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Yes, it works in my case.


For example in album_view block you should have this DIV:


<div class="images">


Add ID to it, so that pagination knows which element to replace:


<div class="images" id="{{$block_uid}}">


And then after


{{foreach item="item" from=$data.images}}
... links to images here


Add pagination:


{{include file="include_pagination_block_common.tpl"}}

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