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Sphinx for albums and a tag page performance question


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I was just wondering if there were any plans on modifying the current Sphinx configuration for albums? Because it really is considerably better.


Also, if we have a lot of tags, should we limit the amount of tags on the /tags/ page, or does it even matter, since it's cached?



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We will be looking into adding Sphinx support for albums, we have this item in our list. However we are not sure about its priority for now.


With regard to tags, this page is designed for SEO bots to link all your tags, however this is not even required:

1) Google sitemap lists all tags in paginated way already

2) All tags are linked from video pages anyway


Therefore if you have too much tags (e.g. > 5000 for example) that they cause this page to load slowly, it is recommended to disable this page at all. It won't bring any performance issue, as it is cached anyway. But when the number of tags will reach some critical point, this page will start causing HTTP 500 error due to PHP memory limit.

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