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[V5.5.0] Any specific configured to prevent large files transfer and convert.


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I am helping my client build new website. KVS is truly powerful and build for website owners.

Everything is fine except larger files. Its fine on files less than 2-3GB. However if files large than 5GB or more. Most likely fail when process.

Is that any specific configured to prevent large files transfer and convert?


Common error from log :

"ERROR ....Download failed: only 1083907113 bytes of 6625368994 was downloaded"


Current configure:

PHP upload and input limit: 10GB

Memory limit : 2048M

 Max input and execution time : 1200 (both on main and conversion servers)



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This error means that remote conversion server is not able to DOWNLOAD (not UPLOAD!) source file from the primary server. This error happens because remote conversion servers are by default configured to asynchronously download source files from primary server for processing, and this allows paralleling file transfer when processing videos.

In your case, remote converter fails to download big source files either due to unstable network connection, or to wrong network configuration when small timeouts are configured.

The solution for this is:

1) Either locate and eliminate networking issue.

2) Change conversion server options in KVS admin panel to disallow this conversion server to download source files from primary server. In this case files will be pushed via FTP.

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