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  1. One license left for sale: 250 usd. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I'm selling 2 Ultimate KVS licences. I can sell them with domains ( Adult Multi-niches/General domain ) if you want. Please contact me by email: johncalieri at yahoo d0t com Thank you.
  3. This Guy Azamat also wasted my time. He just disappeared after taking the project. I never got good jobs from Indian coders.
  4. Can you add an option in advertising to display an ad IF - it has a specific dynamic http parameter. For example utm_source=trafficsource - the visitors comes from google / direct traffic Also, could you please add an option to display an ad on second page visit. For example on my tube If a visitor comes from google, I would like to display the popunder on second page. Like it does on xvideos.com Thank you.
  5. There isn't always ability to have NFS mount. Media files and script/sql files should be separated on different servers. My script server have a good config but low hd space because it's not a storage/media server. It doesn't have ability to mount additional disks. It weights 650gb already with all thumbs/screenshots and is almost disk full so rsync isn't an option. I need to move my script/sql site on a storage server because the tube script requires to host thumbs/screenshot medias on the same server as script server. Imagine if you have a million of videos and albums. You wil
  6. Ability to put thumbs/screenshots and all content on storage content servers and not on kvs script server.
  7. Hello, I'm buying KVS licences. Please contact me johncalieri at yahoo d0t com Thank you.
  8. Yes we could use NFS Mount if the hosting service is offering this option for $$. But isn't it basically the goal of a media server to provide hard drive space and bandwidth at a better price we don't need to host any media on a script managed server?
  9. This doesn't help. The purpose is to save some hd spaces on your main server which is usually on more expensive managed hosting. And put all your data ( images, thumbs and videos ) on a media server.
  10. Please add an option to host the thumbs on a media server instead of the primary server. Thank you.
  11. Hello, I'm selling Advanced and Ultime KVS liences. Please contact me jamesfranco642 at yahoo d0t com Thank you.
  12. Hello, I notice my bounce rate is high on default theme ( no advertising ), 60% bounce rate. What is your bounce rate? Thank you.
  13. Does this update include the new version of the default theme?
  14. Will it be possible to have all queries urls in sitemap.xml?
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